Milkah Mutinda

 Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) – Kenyatta University 
  • Diploma in Management (Project Management) - Kenya Institute of Management (KIM)
  • Executive Certificate in HR Management Information System (HRMIS)-College of Human Resource Management


  • Standards of Accounting- ensure a minimum level of consistency when preparing financial statements. 
  • Knowledge of regulatory standards- to ensure compliance in meeting financial reporting requirements and integrity in accounting.
  • General business knowledge- Has allowed me to have the basic understanding necessary to successfully work with industries/ clients outside of finance and understand general business operations to accurately assess, record and report the financial needs.
  • Software Proficiency- Specialized accounting software that assists with maintaining a chart of accounts, managing the general ledger, reconciling accounts and generating financial statements.
  • Data Analysis- The ability to derive meaningful information from raw data. It has also allowed me to verify the accuracy of financial data for data integrity and reporting consistency.
  • Preparing accounts and tax returns, Monitoring Spending and budgets & Keeping Account books and systems up to date, Bank and Cash Management as an authorized signatory.
  • Staff File Management-Conduct routine audits of personnel files to assure compliance with contract and regulatory training along with physical and certification requirements.
  • Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS)-an intersection of human resources and information technology –Assists in payroll preparation & leave management.
  • Performance Management- Monitoring and rating employee performance
  • Effective communicator, conflict resolution, efficient organization, management and leadership of multiple employees & adaptable.
Areas of experience: Accounting (Bookkeeping & Monthly Management Reporting), Human Resource (Payroll Preparations, Leave Management & General Staff Welfare), Administrator (Daily Office Operations Management)


  • November 2021- Present- Senior Associate - Sterling Africa Consulting LLP
  • January 2016- Present- Accountant -Taxwise Africa Consulting LLP, 
  • August 2012–December 2015- Human Resource & Administrator - Taxwise Consulting Limited
  • May 2012–July 2012- Office Administrator- Remo Contract Services Limited (RCS)